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RapidSwapBot is the simplest way to swap tokens on Ethereum and Binance Smartchain blockchains directly from Telegram!

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Our Features

Use RapidSwapBot on its own to swap tokens or let members of your Telegram group buy your token or swap any other token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains directly from within your group! Receive instant buy notification posts in your group when you token in bought!

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Connecting a wallet

Connect your wallet with /connect command by scanning a QR code or if you are on mobile by using WalletConnect's link. At no point we ask for your seed phrase or private key, we do not have access to them - RapidSwapBot uses secure WalletConnect protocol used by millions of people around the world.

When wallet is connected, we do not have control over it - RapidSwapBot is simply granted permission to read your public wallet address and retrieve token balances.

Each transaction initiated by RapidSwapBot needs to be approved from within your wallet in order to be digitally signed and submitted to the blockchain.

  • check Scan a QR code or use mobile link
  • check Approve connection request
  • check Learn more about WalletConnect
  • check Watch tutorial video

For Users

Use /swap command to instantly swap a token - select tokens that you want to swap or easily add custom tokens, connect your wallet using WalletConnect and then approve transaction in your wallet and you are done!
All interactions with the bot are in private mode - other users do not see your transactions.

  • check Select tokens
  • check Connect your wallet
  • check Approve transaction

For Group Admins

Use /settings command to configure default sell and buy tokens and other settings for your group so users can instantly get your token without having to ask for the contract address, decimals, slippage.
Configure buy notifications to get instant posts in your Telegram group when your token is bought.

  • check Configure default buy and sell tokens
  • check Configure buy notifcation settings

RapidSwapBot Commands

Use RapidSwapBot commands below to swap tokens, connect and disconnect your wallet, configure default group and buy notification settings and get help.

check /buy
check /disconnect
check /swap
check /settings
check /connect
check /help

Please visit our User Guide for more details on how to set up your group and use RapidSwapBot to swap tokens

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Buy Notifications

As a project owner, you can configure RapidSwapBot to track buys of your token, or even multiple tokens. Receive instant posts in your Telegram group for more hype when your token is bought! Let users of your group purchase your token by clicking on a /buy link directly within this notification message!

  • check Instant buy notifications
  • check Track multiple tokens
  • check Configure gif, emoji and other options
  • check Direct /buy link within this message

RapidSwapBot Security

We NEVER ask for your private keys nor your seed phrase - we are using secure WalletConnect protocol used by millions of people around the world.

RapidSwapBot does not have access to your private key or seed phrase stored in your wallet.

We can't make any transactions on your behalf without you approving each transaction with your wallet first, which is then digitally signed and submitted to blockchain.

  • check No access to private key or seed phrase
  • check All interactions are through WalletConnect
  • check All communication is end-to-end encrypted

Our RoadMap

RapidSwapBot currently supports Uniswap on Ethereum and PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain blockchains. We are constantly adding new features - more liquidity providers and more blockchains are being worked on. Stay tuned for more details!

  • check New platforms
  • check More networks
  • check More liquidity providers